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Chain Conveyor

Chain Conveyor

Product Code: CC-400

Akyurek's Chain Conveyor System is designed to provide both straight and inclined transportation for grains, ensuring a gentle and cost-effective transfer process. The system is optimized for the required volume, making it an ideal choice for agricultural and industrial applications.

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Key Features:

  • Utilizes a high-quality, heat-treated chain along with treated chain pins and rollers for durability.
  • Incorporates plastic paddles on the supporting chain to minimize friction between chains, significantly extending the conveyor's lifespan.
  • Designed for economical operation with low periodic maintenance requirements.
  • Constructed from laser-cut sheets for precise assembly, with nut and bolt connections.
  • Available in standard galvanized steel, with options for painted steel and stainless steel to suit various operational environments.
  • User-friendly design simplifies maintenance and service tasks, enhancing overall efficiency and usability.

This advanced conveyor system is engineered to meet the demands of modern grain handling, offering a reliable solution for the effective and economical transport of grain.

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