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Jog Fluid Bed Air Drier

Jog Fluid Bed Air Drier

Product Code: JCD 1250

Functionality: This versatile conveyor system, known for its dynamic air flow drying capability, is adept at transporting, purifying, sorting, and drying various grain types (including coated or treated grains) and analogous substances.

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Operational Mechanism

Utilizing an innovative eccentric shaft mechanism connected by rods, this conveyor initiates a reciprocal motion. This action ensures a consistent and gentle movement of materials across the suspended coils, facilitating an even drying process.

The dryer methodically moves materials, ensuring a thorough yet gentle drying process and systematically discharges them at designated exit points. Designed to enhance drying efficiency, the system incorporates a meticulously perforated screening mechanism.

Engineered with distinct heating and screening zones, each heating segment of the dryer receives a dedicated supply of warm air, propelled by strategically placed heaters and blowers beneath the conveyor.

Screening segments are individually equipped with singular screens, each connected to a DM120 mm spout for efficient aspiration.

Powered by a robust 4 kW squirrel cage motor, the unit's full potential is unleashed when operated via a frequency inverter (separately acquired).

An ingeniously designed adjustable feed gate at the entry point allows precise control over the material layer's density on the dryer's deck, optimizing the drying process's efficiency and uniformity.

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