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Big Bag Scale - Above Groun

Big Bag Scale - Above Ground Weighing

Product Code: BBS-AGW-017

Big Bag Scale - Above Ground Weighing and Filling System is designed for efficient bagging of granular and powdered bulk materials, significantly reducing costs associated with bagging, conveying, and storage. This environmentally friendly solution increases the bag volume from traditional 25-50 kg to 500 kg or even 1-2 tons, enhancing production and storage capacities.


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Akyurek's Big Bag Scale - Above Ground Weighing and Filling System offer a wide range of options from manual to fully automatic filling, including dust capture and reuse capabilities. Special configurations for double-covered sacks for very fine powders are also available. Depending on customer requirements, material supply, or turnkey projects can be tailored to meet specific needs.

System Components:

  • A versatile Feeding System with flow control mechanisms such as helix-vibrator, belt conveyor, and pneumatic gates for precise material handling.
  • A robust Bag Grip Mechanism, ensuring secure handling and filling of bags.
  • Integrated Bag Inflation and Dust Collection systems for clean operation and minimal product loss.
  • Advanced Weight Measuring Unit with indicators, load cells, and a control panel for accurate weighing and operational control.
  • The Main Carrying Mechanical Construction, supported by pneumatic pistons and valves, provides a stable and durable framework for the system.

Designed to accommodate various Big-Bag types and materials including PVC, cement, raw minerals, borax, polypropylene (PP), purified terephthalic acid (PTA), high and low-density polyethylene (HDPE/LDPE), and polyester (PS), this system is versatile for a range of industrial applications.



  • Rapid and precise weighing capabilities.
  • Programmable bag count for streamlined operation.
  • Adjustable lower and upper limits for flexibility in filling.
  • Both automatic and manual operation modes to suit different operational preferences.
  • Tolerance limit alerts to ensure product consistency and quality.

Big Bag Scale - Above Ground Weighing and Filling System is an innovative solution for modern industrial needs, offering efficiency, accuracy, and environmental benefits.

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