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Product Code: AKYUREKEXCELL 243.1

The AKYUREKEXCELL 243.1 series is engineered for unparalleled separation efficiency across a spectrum of agricultural products, including all grains, seeded grains, grass, garden seeds, cereals, and more. Boasting a perforated screen area of 21 square meters, it stands out for its precision and capacity.

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A distinctive feature of this model is its vibratory product feeding system, which significantly enhances air cleanliness before suction by uniformly distributing the product across the pre-suction area. This not only optimizes the machine's capacity utilization but also negates the need for cleaning when switching between different products. The machine's balanced eccentric design, equipped with counterweights, ensures steady operation. Its unique configuration allows for the handling of various product flows, adjusting to capacity, product type, and fraction numbers effortlessly.

Multipurpose sieves are available in round and pocket types, ranging from 0.3 mm to 25.0 mm. These sieves are standardized across over 90% of Akyurek Excell machines, minimizing the need for additional sieves.

The machine incorporates a mechanism at the product's initial entry point to spread the product evenly and adjust the incoming product capacity. This mechanism operates via a belt and pulley system, with capacity adjustable in two ways:

The motor's speed ratio, which is dependent on a speed control, allowing for adjustments to the machine's capacity by modifying the motor's speed. The distributor's angle can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the shaft between two oscillating elements connected to the machine's air suction chamber, further fine-tuning capacity. A damper, controlled by a PLC, aids in dust suction by narrowing or widening the section through which the aspirated air passes. It prevents materials like straw, empty pods, and husks from reaching the aspirator blade, creating a barrier effect that directs these materials into the helix for removal. Controlled by a PLC, this mechanism ensures that unwanted materials are efficiently expelled from the system.

The machine is available with either a constant speed or an optional frequency control device, incorporating an eccentric system for optimal performance. Screens serve as separators and are effectively cleaned by balls within advanced ball racks to prevent clogs. The cassette-type screens, arranged in three parallel rows, measure 800x1250 mm, with a total of 7 screens providing 1m² of screening area each, facilitating ease of replacement and maintenance.

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