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Double Pre & Fine Screen Cl

Double Pre & Fine Screen Cleaner C.O.TEM-004

Product Code: O.TEM-004

As the name implies, this machine incorporates two pre-cleaning units. It excels at cleaning hard-to-clean products like sesame, cumin, seeds, legumes, etc., at high capacity, ensuring optimal cleanliness. It also has the capability to segregate the cleaned product into two distinct sizes.

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Operating Principle: The product, conveyed by a postal elevator, is divided and distributed to the right and left cleaning units. In the first screening tanks, the product is separated from coarse and dusty materials. In the second screening tank, thanks to the vacuum, particles such as trash, straw, husk, etc., are removed along with any broken pieces, and in the final tank, the product is divided into two sizes. The vibration is facilitated by eccentric bearings. The under-screen cleaning system, composed of reciprocating brushes, prevents any clogging in the screens.

The Double Pre & Fine Screen Cleaner machine divides the product conveyed by the postal elevator into two, directing it to the machine's right and left sections.

Left Section of the Double Pre & Fine Screen Cleaner Machine:

  1. In the first section of the dual pre-cleaning precision seed and legume screening machine, the pre-cleaning process separates grains larger or smaller than the desired product. This is known as top-screen and bottom-screen cleaning.
  2. In the second section, the precision cleaning process separates air-sucked particles from the product five times.
  3. Additionally, as the product moves over the screen, it separates broken grains (bottom screen) or alternatively sorts the desired size product (legumes, nuts, seeds, dry foods, etc.). In the fourth screen of our Double Pre & Fine Screen Cleaner machine, the top screen is dedicated to separating larger grains for cleaning purposes, or the bottom screen is dedicated for sizing, thus achieving second and third size grades through top-screen and bottom-screen separation.

The Right Section performs the same processes as mentioned above

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