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Enhance Industrial Dust Management with Akyürek's ALV-52 Airlock Valve

Akyürek Group Technology introduces the ALV-52 Airlock Valve, an advanced solution for effective dust and particle discharge in systems operating under vacuum or pressure conditions. This robust airlock valve plays a crucial role in maintaining clean and efficient industrial environments.


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Innovative Functionality and Design:

·       Optimal Dust Discharge: Specially designed for the discharge of dust and separated particles, ensuring a cleaner and safer working environment.

·       Pressure Regulation: Acts as a reliable pressure block between cyclones and dust collecting bags, maintaining system integrity.

·       Seamless Integration: Compatible with Akyürek's dust collecting Centrifugal Fans, ensuring uniform and continuous particle discharge while minimizing air escape.

Durable and Efficient Construction:

·       High-Quality Materials: Manufactured from galvanized plate with a steel roller and radial rubber vanes for lasting durability.

·       Efficient Operation: Operates at optimal speeds, typically not exceeding 40 RPMs, and is lubricated for life for hassle-free continuous use.

Akyürek's ALV-52 Airlock Valve stands out as an essential component in industrial dust collection systems, offering reliability, efficiency, and durability

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