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Emery Stone Mill

Emery Stone Mill

Product Code: ESM-1000

The Emery Stone Mill is a versatile grinding machine that can be employed for various applications with the appropriate type of stones, making it a universal tool for multiple grinding tasks.

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  • Wheat grinding for flour with an output ranging from 260 to 600 microns.
  • Barley, peas, and coffee grinding for flour production.
  • Spices and wheat grinding for Bulgur production.
  • Processes such as lentil splitting, yellow pea splitting, fava bean hulling and splitting, and buckwheat shelling.


Features of the Emery Stone Mill:

  • Available in models STANDARD MODEL 600, 700, 800 MM with artificial millstones.
  • Ideal for grinding grains, peas, coffee, spices, and other dry products.
  • Equipped with Akyurek's renowned millstones, ensuring a fine grind and high output.
  • The millstone, crucial for the mill’s grinding capacity and quality of the ground product, is designed based on over 40 years of production experience.
  • Stones range from 250 mm to 1515 mm, made of exceptionally high-quality stone materials predominantly found in Turkey.
  • Look for the AKYUREK seal of quality on the rear side of the stone as a guarantee of the original millstone.


Working Principle of Emery Stone Mill:

The core of the system is comprised of two special emery molded stones lying on top of each other. The lower stone is attached to the main shaft and driven by the motor. The upper stone is stationary, and the product to be ground is fed between the two stones, where folding and bran peeling occurs. A mechanism allows for the adjustment of the distance between the stones, enabling the production of specific products. The system includes capacity refining bolts at the entry for adjusting the peeling rates as needed. Engine strap connections and the rotating stone system are safely enclosed.



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