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Excell 240 Series Flat Scre

Excell 240 Series Flat Screen Graders

Product Code: AKYUREKEXCELL 240

The EXCELL 220 Series Grain and Seed Screening Machines are designed to enhance efficiency in the agricultural sector. Models like the AKYUREKEXCELL 230 Screen Series have been specially developed for the sorting and sizing of dry granular products such as cereals and seeds. With a variety of models offering screening areas ranging from 8 to 48 m², they cater to diverse needs and capacities.

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Key features of this series include an integrated mixer and feed roller capable of adjusting the feed rate. This system is particularly effective against the accumulation of light and broad grains, equipped with a spring system to prevent damage to the feed roller.

The product feeding feature through vibration ensures a uniform and continuous distribution without disrupting product flow. This is especially ideal for delicate products like legumes, playing a crucial role in the machine's dust control system. A special feed hopper prevents product blockages, eliminating the need for additional cleaning when processing different products.

The screening sections are made from birch wood, which is resistant to humid and infested environments. This material guarantees the longevity of the screens and reduces vibration for a better working environment. The collective system used for keeping the screens clean maximizes cleanliness through special housings for plastic balls, allowing easy replacement of the screens.

Equipped with a balanced eccentric system, the machine operates with minimal stress and a consistent working principle. The product flow change can be easily adjusted to meet various product needs, ensuring maximum waste separation and precision.

The separation of light grains is facilitated by a helix, maintaining continuous air flow to minimize air loss. Additionally, the inlet and outlet air suction system cleans dust and light products before they reach the screens, ensuring perfect product purity.

Akyurek screens are available in sizes ranging from 0.3 to 25.0 mm, used in wide dimensions to prevent minimum analysis loss. For ease of use, all machine adjustments are accessible at a convenient height, and precise adjustments are possible with scales. This not only provides high-quality screened products but also optimizes the machine size to meet general requirements.

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