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Stone Separator - Presure T

Stone Separator - Presure Type

Product Code: T.MAC-009

Advanced Stone Separator Machine - Pressure Type for Optimal Seed Purification

Experience unparalleled seed purification with our advanced Stone Separator Machine, a pressure-type solution designed to efficiently remove stones, metals, glass, and other high-density impurities from various seed lots.

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Key Functions: Our Stone Separator Machine excels in effectively separating heavier admixtures from pre-cleaned, fine-cleaned, and size-graded seeds. Even seeds of similar size that contain impurities can be purified, ensuring that heavier-than-seed admixtures are effectively removed.

Innovative Working Principle: The machine employs a uniform separation process where the seed lot is fed into the Pre-Storage hopper via a conveyor. Seeds are then linearly fed onto the Stone Separator deck through a magnetic feeder, ensuring even distribution. The machine's fluidized air bed, created by multiple fans, facilitates stratification. Its unique eccentric system moves stones and heavy admixtures in one direction, while the purified seed lot exits in the opposite direction, ensuring efficient separation.

Akyurek Stone Separator's Production Excellence:

·       Designed using Autodesk Inventor 3D mechanical solid modeling software.

·       All parts are precisely cut using a CNC system.

·       Incorporates top-quality components from third-party suppliers.

·       Features superior final finishes, including electrostatic painting and powder coating systems, complete with a powder coating oven.

·       Assembled using a computer-aided line.

·       Boasts a 100% dynamically counterbalanced eccentric deck system for optimal performance.

Manual Model Special Features:

·       Linear feeding facilitated by a magnetic feeder.

·       Fixed-speed eccentric drive motor.

·       Two fixed-speed air supply motors with manual air control gates.

·       Manual control for deck tilt adjustments.

Versatile Application: Our Stone Separator Machine is suitable for a wide range of products, enhancing the quality of:

·       Soybeans

·       Chickpeas

·       Various beans, including Kidney Beans

·       Sesame Seed

·       Green and Red Lentils

·       Wheat

·       Rice

·       Sunflower Seeds

·       Cumin Seeds

·       And many more.

Elevate your seed processing with our Stone Separator Machine – the epitome of efficiency, precision, and reliability in seed purification.

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