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Excell 33 Screen Cleaner &

Excell 33 Screen Cleaner & Grader

Product Code: AKYUREKEXCELL 33

Excell 33 Screen Cleaner & Grader: Precision in Seed Cleaning and Grading

Introducing the Excell 33, engineered for efficient and mechanical screen cleaning and grading of a wide range of products including all cereals, seed grain, grass, garden seed, and legumes. Featuring a perforated screen area of 32 square meters, this machine is a powerhouse in the seed processing industry.

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Comprehensive Seed Processing with Excell 33

·       Versatile Seed Processing: Capable of screen cleaning and calibrating/sizing/grading seeds up to five different sizes.

·       Advanced Cleaning Mechanisms: Includes a full-width vibratory system with stepless feed rate adjustment, ensuring uniform flow and effective self-cleaning. The system is particularly gentle on leguminous and beet seeds.

·       Precise Air Cleaning: Features independent pre and after suction systems for precise air cleaning, significantly improving cleaning effects and capacity while ensuring excellent product purity by removing light particles such as empty seeds and husks.

Key Features of the Excell 33:

1.     Perforated Screens: Available in a variety of sizes, with round and long holes ranging from 0.3 to 25.0mm. Also includes wire mesh screens and screen plates with minimal tolerance for minimal cleaning loss.

2.     Durable Screenshoes: Made of moisture and insect-resistant birch plywood, designed with replaceable wear plates and sieve runners for longevity and less resonance.

3.     Ball Box for Efficient Cleaning: Ensures efficient sieve cleaning with rubber balls, effective even at extremely low temperatures, and features a self-cleaning design.

4.     Screw Conveyor for Light Waste: Continuous discharge of dust and light waste with optimal dust separation capabilities.

5.     Air Lifting Sieve Screen: Ensures the elimination of light particles through air flow and optimal separation with an adjustable air lifting hood.

6.     Enhanced Air Lifting Channel: Ideal for eliminating light seeds and transporting husks and dust with the airflow.

7.     Balanced Eccentric System: Ensures steady operation with minimal stress on structures, fitted with heavy-duty bearings for maximum cleaning effect.

8.     Advanced Air Lifting Unit: Provides uniform air pressure and complete blow-through of the product, with specially designed impellers for low noise levels and adjustable fan RPM.

The Excell 33 Screen Cleaner & Grader is an essential tool for achieving the highest standards in seed cleaning and grading. Its state-of-the-art design, combined with versatile features, makes it a must-have for efficient and precise seed processing operations.

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