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Zig Zag Air Separators

Zig Zag Air Separators

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Enhance Material Separation with Akyurek's Advanced Zig Zag Air Separators

Akyurek Technology's Zig Zag Air Separators represent a breakthrough in material separation technology. Using a multi-stage cross-flow separation process, these separators expertly differentiate light materials from heavier ones.

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Efficient Separation Process:

·       Effective Air Flow System: The separation process utilizes air blown from the bottom to the top of the channel, ensuring effective separation.

·       Dual Material Discharge: Light materials are transported upwards by the air flow to a cyclone and then to the next conveyor, while heavier materials fall and are discharged separately.

Versatile Applications and Features:

·       Recirculation Air Mode: Typically operated in a recirculation air mode, allowing for cleaned air to return to the separator base.

·       Adjustable Air Flow: Features a special ventilator rotor disk for stable operation and a radial blower for required air flow and pressure.

Akyurek's Zig Zag Air Separators are designed for longevity and robustness, making them a valuable asset in various industrial applications for precise material separatio

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