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Rectangle silo with conveyo

Rectangle silo with conveyor bottom

Product Code: RECTANGLE

The Akyurek rectangle silo is engineered for the storage of grain, corn, oilseeds, and rape. This silo, featuring a conveyor floor, is not recommended for pelleted and floury products. However, a seed-specific version is available upon request.

Optimally Designed for Flexibility Akyurek rectangle silos are tailored to fit perfectly into any building structure. Each cell can be designed up to 10m in length, 4m in width, and up to 10m in height. We can integrate existing supports within the building directly into the silo's design, maximizing space efficiency.

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Conveyor or Ventilation Floor Variant The silo variant with a conveyor or ventilation floor doubles as a cold air dryer: in the Akyurek ventilation silo, grain with up to 20% moisture content can be stored and dried through full ventilation and movement. The integrated conveyor and ventilation floor serve dual purposes, either for ventilation or for grain emptying.

Akyurek Grain Storage: Protecting Your Valuable Crop Your precious crop faces several risks, including spoilage by molds, damage by beetles, consumption by rats and mice, and contamination by cats. Akyurek's rectangle silos offer three mounting versions:

  • Grounded mounting
  • Mounted on a hopper (either screwed or welded)
  • Conveyor floor installation

Advantages of Akyurek Rectangle Silos

  • Reduced weather risk as grain can be stored moist
  • Immediate control over large quantities
  • Increased efficiency and harvester usage with large quantity takeovers
  • Reduced labor, thus lowering costs
  • Long-term crop conservation at low costs
  • Higher sales proceeds during seasonal fluctuations
  • Precise design for easy and fast assembly
  • All elements are galvanized for durability
  • Excellent "price-benefit ratio"

Conveyor-Bottom Benefits

  • Pollution reduction by combining ventilation and grain removal, especially across multiple cells
  • Wear-free removal by conveyor-bottom that handles grain gently
  • Complete separation of ground and grain prevents moisture transfer
  • Superior ventilation through large air-exit surface, allowing for winter cooling to 10°C to protect from insects
  • Storage of grain up to 17% humidity due to efficient ventilation
  • Cold air drying possible up to 20% grain-humidity with specific air performance, maintaining a maximum filling height of 4-5m
  • Space-saving with rectangular and square silos optimizing building space
  • Material savings through intelligent silo cell installation, contributing to cost efficiency over time

Akyurek Advantages

  • Galvanized design conveyor bottom eliminates the need for a hopper
  • Combined ventilation and emptying functionality, suitable also for rape
  • Ventilation slots on the metal sheet are about 1.2 mm, making it suitable for rape
  • Effective air guide shafts in the roof turrets for directed airflow
  • Easy emptying with a conus for constant grain inflow and avoidance prevention
  • Simple assembly and long durability with secure mounting
  • Maximum safety and performance ensured by the way system (one air damper per flow path) for complete emptying

Specifications Elements of rectangle silos include trapeze-sheet metal elements, tube legs, and stiffening parts, with variable sheet lengths and heights to accommodate diverse storage needs. The unique design ensures efficient grain flow during emptying, facilitated by the conveying-bottom (fan) for complete grain delivery.

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