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Hopper Scale

Hopper Scale

Product Code: RDKTR-017 PLC

  • Complete PLC monitoring.
  • Precise and rapid weighing with stainless steel load cells
  • System panel compliant with IP67 standard
  • Straightforward calibration process
  • Diverse feeding systems tailored to accurate weighing values
  • Measurement of bulk flow in tons per hour

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  • Adjustment of bulk flow as needed
  • Display of the total weighed amount
  • Capability to operate individually or within a network


Computerized Extraction Rate Weighing Systems

  • Specialized Extraction Rate Application Programs on the original SCADA platform


Program Features:

  • The system can connect the required number of intake or extraction rate points
  • Programmable expected and tolerance values for the extraction rates
  • Visualization of expected and current extraction rates
  • Alerts for extraction rates falling outside of tolerance ranges
  • Graphical reports on extraction rates
  • Tracking of humidity loss
  • Continuous display and calculation of extraction based on input and output, with the option for applying independent formulas


Extraction Rate Weighing Systems

  • Ability to monitor the extraction process up to 5 extraction rate scales
  • Continuous display and calculation of extraction based on input and output, with two distinct totalizers for each scale
  • Easy conversion to a computerized system

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