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Multi Separator

Multi Separator

Product Code: Multinatör

Optimize Grain Cleaning with the Advanced Multi Separator

Introducing the Multi Separator, a comprehensive solution designed for efficient grain cleaning through multiple stages of separation. This separator is engineered to ensure the highest quality in grain processing, removing both oversized and undersized particles.

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Advanced Multi-Stage Cleaning Process:

·       Scalping Sieve: In the initial cleaning stage, the scalping sieve effectively removes larger impurities than the grain kernel, such as straw, strings, and

large stones, ensuring only appropriately sized grains proceed to the next stage.

·       Sand Sieve: This stage targets smaller impurities than the grain kernel, such as sand, broken kernels, and foreign seeds, providing a refined cleaning process.

·       Gravity-Based Sorting: The separator then sorts the product into heavy and mixed fractions. Particles of the same size are separated based on their specific gravity, enhancing the purity of the grain output.

Efficient Separation Mechanism:

·       Flow Velocity Differences: Utilizes the variations in flow velocity of different product fractions to achieve effective separation. Heavy particles make contact with the oscillating sieve bottom and are directed towards the de-stoning stage, while clean grains float on an air cushion towards the product outlet.

·       Air Classification for Light Particles: The final separation stage employs air classification to remove low-density particles such as dust, hulls, chaff, shriveled kernels, and foreign seeds. This ensures a comprehensive cleaning process, leaving only the desired grain in the final product.

The Multi Separator stands out for its ability to provide thorough, multi-stage cleaning and sorting of grains. It's an essential tool for grain processors seeking high efficiency, precision, and quality in their grain cleaning operations.

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