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Indoor Storage Silos

Indoor Storage Silos

Product Code: AKSILO-SI32

Akyurek Group Technology's indoor square silo systems are designed as the highest quality storage solutions for precisely dimensioned products within facilities. These silos are manufactured using the highest quality materials to meet the needs of the industry.

Our engineering team prepares designs suitable for the facility's capacity using Auto-Cad software and manufactures flawlessly with a CNC laser cutting machine.

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Our square silo systems offer maximum storage space while occupying minimal area and are fully assembled using bolts and screws, facilitating easy assembly and disassembly. The silo structure is reinforced with 40x40 profile cross supports to enhance durability.


To protect the silo sheets and construction, a chemical treatment is followed by painting with an automatic robotic powder coating system. This process ensures the silos are more resistant to corrosion, offering a longer-lasting use.


Akyurek Group Technology's indoor square silo systems are ideal for businesses seeking efficient and high-quality storage solutions. These silos provide ease of use and long-term durability, increasing your facility's storage capacity.

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