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Cylindrical Screening Machi

Cylindrical Screening Machines

Product Code: CS 300 / 500 / 700

The Rotary Grading Machine, available in models CS 300 / 500 / 700, is a dynamic solution for the sorting and grading of various agricultural commodities such as grains, millets, sunflower seeds, and rice, as well as granular products commonly used in recycling processes.

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This machine operates on the principle of separating materials based on their width (via round holes) and thickness (via slotted holes), efficiently categorizing them into their respective grades. All kernels finer than the screen holes fall through the screen, while the thicker kernels remaining inside the cylindrical screen are transported to the final exit.

Featuring a cylindrical screening mechanism, it is specifically designed for the separation and grading of grains, millets, sunflower seeds, rice, and similar goods. The granularity of incoming materials is sorted based on their width and thickness, ensuring precise separation.

The permanent circulation of the product, combined with the subsequent centrifugal force, forces each kernel into contact with the screen holes, resulting in highly accurate sorting processes.

Constructed with self-supporting steel frames, the single cylinders can be modularly added in various configurations using a single-drive motor (Energy Saving) with a chain drive connection to each cylinder. Up to three cylinders can be stacked, broadening the spectrum of sorting targets achievable.


  • Contains the screening cylinder.

Screening Cylinder

  • Single screening push cylinder on CS300 and CS500 models.
  • Three screen segments mounted on support disks on the CS700 model.

Vibratory Transition

  • Used to convey products falling from the upper screening cylinder to the entrance of the next cylinder. When set as the lowest unit, it collects all transitions and conveys them to a discharge pipe.

Deflector Box

  • Diverts products falling from the upper screening cylinder, preventing them from touching the lowest cylinder before moving to the next.

Discharge Silo

  • Positioned as the lowest part of the equipment, it collects only the transitions and tails that pass through the appropriate circuit.


  • Drive can be supplied with fixed or variable speed (via a frequency inverter or mechanical variable-speed gear).
  • Continuous screen cleaning to prevent clogging of screen holes (an additional manually operated cleaning device or agitator rollers can be installed as an alternative).
  • Adjustable screen incline for output capacity regulation (continuously adjustable between 0 and 2.5°).
  • Simple screen change.

Parallel Operation

  • Grain flow is divided into separate entry channels for each single cylinder, allowing it to handle a portion of the grain at a time. Larger-sized products are discharged at the end of each cylinder. The falling product is directed by the deflector box to the next cylinder.

Series Operation

  • Products passing through the upper screening cylinder are conveyed to the entrance of the next cylinder using a vibratory transition. Larger-sized products are discharged at the end of each cylinder.

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