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Glossy Polisher

Glossy Polisher

Product Code: AGP

The Akyurek Rice Glossy Finishing Machine AGY employs a dual-stage processing method for rice: dry and wet polishing on a single shaft.


The distribution of dry and wet zones within the polishing chamber can be customized with a nylon plug, allowing for flexible operation.

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This machine features two distinct zones, enabling precise control over the rice's final appearance, ranging from a matte to a high silky gloss finish. Uniform water distribution throughout the wet zone of the polishing chamber is achieved via the shaft, ensuring an even application.

Designed for the final touch in rice processing, the Rice Glossy Finishing Machine ensures a lustrous, smooth, and dust-free surface on each grain. Rice grains undergo gentle friction polishing within a specially humidified environment, regulated by a precise water dosing system.

The AGY model is predominantly utilized in the rice milling sector and accommodates all rice varieties, delivering an exceptional finish.

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