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Double Deck Seed Grader B.M

Double Deck Seed Grader B.MAC-007-2

Product Code: B.MAC-007-2

This machine is specifically engineered to facilitate the separation of pre-cleaned or inherently clean products into three distinct sizes or to remove any broken pieces contained within them. It can also be utilized to boost the capacity prior to a color sorting process. It is available in two standard configurations: portable and stationary.

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Machine's Core Function: It serves to divide pre-cleaned or products that require no further cleaning into three different sizes, or to extract any broken fragments present. To augment the throughput ahead of color sorting, this machine proves to be an invaluable asset. It is offered in both portable and stationary models as standard.

Operating Principle: Products poured onto the sorting chamber are agitated via an eccentric system to carry out the sorting operation. Brushes located beneath the screen ensure that the holes remain unblocked, thus enhancing efficiency. Through the utilization of two screens at the bottom and the output from the screens, a total of three sized products are achieved.

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