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Peanut Density Separator

Peanut Density Separator

Product Code: PDS-12X25

Our Peanut Separator is designed with multiple functionalities to enhance the sorting process in the agricultural sector. It offers solutions for:

  • Separating stones from peanuts (Removing all heavier foreign materials from peanuts, including stones, glass, metals, etc.)
  • Sorting out half or entirely empty shells
  • Isolating unpeeled or partially peeled peanuts after the peeling stage

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Key Features of Our Peanut Separator:

  • User-friendly operation
  • Option for stainless steel contact points to prevent corrosion
  • A fully enclosed hood system for enhanced safety and cleanliness
  • High-efficiency air flow with a single, high-capacity fan
  • Counterweighted eccentric for optimal vibration control
  • A balanced feeding system for superior separation performance

This separator is designed to address various challenges in peanut processing, ensuring a clean, high-quality product ready for further processing or market.

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