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Impact Dehuller ID-900

Impact Dehuller ID-900

Product Code: ID-900

Application: Designed for hulling sunflower seeds.

Design: Crafted from the finest raw materials for easy maintenance and long-lasting machine life. With adherence to the user manual, it ensures durability. Accessible for operators at any skill level.

Process: A dual-impact type machine: Sunflower seeds poured onto a horizontally rotating disc gain momentum and are propelled against the machine's chamber walls. This impact cracks and splits the sunflower seed hulls. Both the hulls and the kernels then exit the machine simultaneously, moving on to the next processing phase.

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Motor Specifications: 2.2 KW, 3000 RPM

The rotor disc speed is variable, controlled by an infinite frequency converter, adaptable based on the hulling characteristics of the product.

Features include easy access for maintenance and spare part replacement.

Machine components are precision-cut with LASER technology.

Paint Code: RAL 9010

Capacity: The machine processes between 2 to 5 tons per hour, varying with the moisture content and size differences of the sunflower seeds.

Next Step in Processing: The output from the sunflower seed hulling machine, consisting of hulled kernels, seed hulls, and unhulled sunflower seeds, needs to be separated.

Recommended Separator for this Process: The Three-Chamber Pre-Cleaning Machine O.TEM-005 is advised for efficient separation.

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