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Telescopic Boom Conveyor Be

Telescopic Boom Conveyor Belt

Product Code: TELES.BELT-180

This system is designed for the efficient loading and unloading of trucks, containers, trailers, and for optimizing storage in warehouses and packaging areas, including handling bags and cardboard.

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Operation Principle:

Akyurek's Telescopic Boom Conveyor Belt is engineered to meet the growing needs of modern warehouse and distribution centers, offering a cost-effective and quick solution for the loading and unloading of vehicles, as well as enhancing storage and packaging areas. Tailored to meet specific customer requirements, Akyurek provides expert selection, design, and manufacturing of Extendable Conveyor Systems.

Akyurek Engineering's solution extends directly into the vehicle, eliminating the need for the machine to move during the loading or unloading process, making it perfectly compatible with existing conveyor systems.

The extendable boom and belt mechanism are easily operated via a push-button control located at the end of the extendable boom. For added convenience, the boom's length can be adjusted to the operator's preference using a remote push-button station, ensuring precise and adaptable positioning.

This system streamlines the transfer process, enhancing operational efficiency and safety in logistics and material handling environments.

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