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Peanut Sheller

Peanut Sheller

Product Code: Peanut Sheller PS 4x3

Enhance Peanut Processing with Akyurek Group Technology's High-Efficiency Peanut Sheller

Introducing the Akyurek Group Technology Peanut Sheller, expertly engineered to shell peanuts with unparalleled efficiency, high capacity, and minimal creation of splits. This state-of-the-art sheller is an essential tool for businesses looking to optimize their peanut processing operations

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Advanced Features for Optimal Shelling Performance:

·       Sheller Cylinders: Designed for ease of operation and low maintenance, these cylinders are equipped with easily changeable shelling grates, allowing for quick adjustments as peanut sizes vary. The direct drive from its motor and gear reducer ensures robust performance even under load.

·       Three Screening Boats with Balanced Eccentric System: Fitted with counterweights for steady running, minimal stress on structures, heavy-duty bearings, and optimized for maximum cleaning efficiency of the sieves.

Efficient Cleaning and Shell Removal:

·       Ball Box for Sieve Cleaning: Ensures efficient cleaning of sieves with rubber balls, effective even at very low temperatures, and designed for quick and easy sieve changes.

·       Hull Aspiration Vacuum Channels: Effectively eliminates light shells, directing shells and dust into the after suction system with airflow.

·       Centrifugal Aspirator: Features a self-cleaning and dynamically balanced impeller, constructed from welded steel plate, and directly coupled with a flange motor.

User-Friendly Service Platform:

·       Easy Maintenance Access: The service platform provides convenient access to the Sheller and aspiration system for maintenance, featuring a catwalk and safety bars for secure operations.

Akyurek Group Technology's Peanut Sheller is not just a machine; it's a comprehensive solution for efficient peanut shelling. With its advanced design, high capacity, and user-friendly features, it stands out as a valuable asset for businesses aiming to enhance their peanut processing efficiency and product quality

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