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Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators

Product Code: P.ELEV.012

The P-EL and Z-EL series bucket elevators are engineered for the efficient transportation of cereals, seeds, fertilizers, minerals, wood shavings, chips, granular products, and oleaginous seeds, among similar materials.

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Standard Features Include:

  • A default height of 4.0 meters.
  • The elevator belt, designed to be oil-resistant, is available in 4 Ply 6mm Caoutchouc or Plastic with an increased number of plies based on your facility's requirements.
  • Precision manufacturing is guaranteed with Laser Cut Steel components.
  • The design features Nut Bolt and Gasket Connections throughout, simplifying maintenance or future modifications.
  • The entire structure is coated with Acrylic Antistatic Oven Powder Paint, Paint Code: 9100, for durability.


Key Advantages:

  • Constructed from heavy-duty steel with a durable Acrylic Antistatic Oven Powder Painted finish and belt rolls made from hard-wearing materials.
  • A fully enclosed design ensures maximum safety during operation.
  • Designed for flexibility to accommodate a variety of specifications (height, belt width, speed, and material) and plant layouts.
  • Options for a slow-speed monitor and reverse brake enhance operational control.
  • A comprehensive selection of bucket types optimizes the transport efficiency for a wide range of products.
  • The elevator boot includes an adjustment feature for belt tensioning and cleanout doors on both sides for easy cleaning between product changes.
  • Optional features include an extractable collecting drawer or an integrated air cleaning system.
  • Inspection windows crafted from plexiglass allow for easy operational monitoring.
  • Features manual product feed control gate and product intake feed apparatus.
  • Low maintenance requirements are complemented by a one-year parts warranty.


Manufacturing Excellence:

  • Each component undergoes sandblasting, primer spray application, phosphate cleaning, and a 180°C oven-baked final paint finish on a continuous production line, ensuring superior corrosion resistance (>250 hours in salt atmosphere) akin to automotive industry standards. Akyürek is committed to environmental stewardship by controlling emissions throughout this process.

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