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Quadruple Scale Net Weigher

Quadruple Scale Net Weigher & Bagger - 5 to 50 kg

Product Code: DKYOK-017

The Quadruple Scale Net Weigher & Bagger System from Akyurek offers an efficient solution for the pre-bagging weighing and packaging of bulk products within the 5 to 50 kg range. This semi-automated system is equipped with advanced electronic and micro-processing controls to streamline the packaging process.

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Key Features:

  • The system provides detailed reporting on the number of bags processed and their respective weights, enhancing operational transparency and inventory management.
  • Designed for easy integration with electronic systems, it allows connectivity with PLCs or computers for streamlined operation.
  • Suitable for a diverse range of materials including grain seeds, granular products, salt, granular chemicals, residues, animal feed, cement, construction materials, coal, and stone, making it a versatile tool for various industries.


Customizable Components:

  • The type of conveyor selected is tailored to the specific needs of the product and operational workflow.
  • The size of the Pre-Storage Hopper is determined by the volume of product to be processed, ensuring efficient operation.
  • A selection of Feeding Unit types are available to accommodate different material properties and flow rates.
  • The Scale Model is chosen based on the required weighing accuracy and capacity range.
  • Various Bag Grip Models are offered to securely hold bags of different materials and sizes.
  • The Bag Conveyor Belt facilitates the efficient movement of filled bags through the packaging line.
  • Different Bag Closing types are available, ensuring the secure sealing of bags and maintaining product integrity during transportation.

This Quadruple Scale Net Weigher & Bagger System is designed to meet the packaging needs of a wide range of bulk products, offering precision, versatility, and efficiency.

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Quadruple Scale Net Weigher & Bagger - 5 to 50 kg You can contact Akyürek Gorup After Sales Team for your installation, assembly, spare parts under warranty and all your needs after warranty.
Quadruple Scale Net Weigher & Bagger - 5 to 50 kg You can ask all the questions you are curious about all our products by contacting our sales team.