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Small Scale Vertical Huller

Small Scale Vertical Huller

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This Compact Vertical Grain Huller operates on a vertical abrasive principle from top to bottom, a method proven to deliver the highest yield of whole grains.

Grains are introduced into the Huller through an inlet and naturally guided into the processing chamber by gravity. Within this chamber, grains undergo delicate hulling between eight abrasive stone rings and an external screen. The rotor's dynamic balance ensures smooth operation. Hulling intensity is adjustable through two straightforward methods: the counterweight of the retention gate and the gap between the rotor and brakes. Fine adjustments are made by altering the counterweight position of the retention gate, thereby regulating pressure within the hulling chamber. This design allows for an effortless restart after an emergency shutdown due to its gravity-fed product flow.

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Applications: Versatile in application, this Compact Vertical Grain Huller is suitable for a range of products including Wheat, Barley, Peas, Lentils, Millet, Rice, Chickpeas, and Mung Beans. It's engineered for the gentlest hulling to meet the highest standards in grain surface treatment while maximizing whole grain yield. The machine demands minimal operational and maintenance effort. Thanks to its optimized sanitation concept, cleaning time is significantly reduced.

It's designed for both small batch and continuous operations. A sifting Screen Separator is linked to the huller's output for segregating smaller fractions.

Aspiration System: Equipped with a straightforward aspiration system, the Compact Vertical Grain Huller efficiently performs two crucial tasks: cooling the grains to minimize breakage and facilitating husk conveyance out of the hulling chamber into the exhaust system. Aspiration air is partially directed through the product and around the screens. The easily accessible aspiration hood offers complete access to the machine's core. For optimal sanitation, the hull removal system is free from moving parts. The ammeter and vacuum gauge enable monitoring of the motor current and the negative pressure in the exhaust system.

A Mini Cyclone with Aspirator is attached to the equipment for enhanced efficiency.

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