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Three Channel Color Sorter

Three Channel Color Sorter

Product Code: SORTURK C-3

The latest generation Color Sorter is produced with LED technology support and aims to provide solutions to the diverse product range of our customers with its smart design that minimizes issues, saves energy, and has a longer lifespan with lower air consumption.

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Extra Features in the New Generation Color Sorter

  • Utilizes an Italian design matrix ejector group in every channel
  • Remote Access to the Machine via the Internal Modem
  • Operates with a Windows-based Microsoft Works operating system
  • Capable of selecting stain sizes as small as 0.04 mm
  • Fault protection for all electronic assemblies and monitoring of fault indications on the screen
  • Failures can be easily resolved via the Internet
  • Measures and displays input voltage quality and value on the screen
  • Uses Phenix brand 54 mm lenses in every camera
  • Features a high-resolution 12.1-inch Touch screen
  • Incorporates long-life LED illumination technology with the ability to adjust light intensity via the screen
  • Heated, Teflon-coated, and scratch-resistant channels are used
  • Failures can be easily resolved via Video conference feature
  • Integrated level control system available
  • Operates under both monochromatic and trichromatic system roofs; GREY sensitivity, HSL Color menu sensitivity, and CHROMATIC tone setting menu available
  • Built-in fan system for cooling electronic cards
  • Unlimited language support available
  • When requested, it can operate all channels as different sorts
  • Built-In RGB background system available
  • 100 pieces of memory available
  • Form picking selection is available (Area, diameter, width, length)
  • Emergency Stop button available on the machinery
  • OIL, WATER, and DUST holder filters are available at the machinery air intake sequentially


The new generation Color Sorter redefines color sorting processes in the industry with its high technology and user-friendly features.

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