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Air Recycling Aspirator

Air Recycling Aspirator

Product Code: ARA-100

Transform Grain Processing with the Air Recycling Aspirator Technology

Akyurek Group Technology's Air Recycling Aspirator (ARA) and Air Recycling Aspirator systems represent a breakthrough in grain processing technology. These advanced machines are designed for efficient separation of low-density particles from a variety of granular products including soft wheat, rye, barley, oats, beans, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and corn (maize).

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High-Efficiency Separation with Air Recycling Aspirator: The ARA stands out for its superior separating efficiency, ensuring a high degree of particle separation. The machine achieves this through:

·       Uniform air distribution across the aspiration channel.

·       Dual adjustable walls in the vertical aspiration channel for stable and reliable separation.

·       Precise control over the degree of separation, minimizing product loss.

Innovative Air Recycling Aspirator Technology: Air Recycling Aspirator technology further enhances the cleaning process by offering:

·       Advanced cleaning and grading of cereal grain and other seeds.

·       Application in offal sorting lines and cleaning lines for various products.

·       A design that ensures smooth operation and effective cleaning with minimal maintenance.

Robust Construction and Optional Features: Both systems are constructed with precision and quality, featuring:

·       CNC laser-cut steel components.

·       Durable painting and coating for longevity.

·       Optional features like screen decks, inverters, and ball screen cleaning systems.

Akyurek's Air Recycling Aspirator systems are more than just equipment; they are comprehensive solutions for modern grain processing, offering unparalleled efficiency, versatility, and quality. They are essential tools for businesses looking to enhance their grain processing capabilities

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