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Batch Friction Polisher

Batch Friction Polisher

Product Code: POLMAC-200

The Batch Seed Polishing Unit is versatile, catering to various applications including the polishing or hull removal of flower seeds, vegetable seeds, field, and garden seeds.


One of the initial steps in the fine and delicate seed cleaning process is polishing or hull removal. This essential cleaning operation ensures the removal of unwanted elements such as membranes, fuzz, awns, tails, wings, etc., from some seeds without damaging them. It also facilitates the gentle separation of stuck seeds and the polishing of edible sunflower seeds for the retail sector.

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Equipped with a PLC system, the Seed Polishing Unit allows for easy control and adjustment of all machine parameters, such as:

  • The quantity of product entering the machine
  • The amount of cylinder rotation to the right
  • The amount of cylinder rotation to the left
  • The waiting time between rotations
  • Cylinder Speed
  • Aspirator Speed

This enables precise and efficient polishing or hull removal, optimizing seed preservation for extended storage and enhancing the visual appeal for retail purposes.


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