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Excell 200 Series Super Fin

Excell 200 Series Super Fine Screen Cleaners

Product Code: Excell 200

Enhance Seed Cleaning with Akyurek Technology Excell 200 Series Super Fine Screen Cleaners

Introducing the Akyurek Excell 200 Series Super Fine Screen Cleaners, designed to deliver unmatched efficiency and purity in cleaning various crops, including garden seeds, grass seeds, flower seeds, corn, and leguminous seeds. These cleaners stand out with their advanced air lifting system, setting them apart from the 210 and 220 series.

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Key Features for Superior Seed Cleaning:

1.     Full-Width Vibratory System: Offers stepless feed rate adjustment for uniform flow across the sieve, enhancing air cleaning and ensuring the machine is self-cleaning. It's particularly effective for delicate seeds like legumes and beets.

2.     Advanced Air Cleaning: The pre and after suction systems work independently for precise air cleaning, effectively separating light particles like empty seeds and husks, resulting in higher capacity and product purity.

3.     Customizable Product Flow: The system allows for various product flows based on capacity and product type, facilitated by six different diagrams within the cleaner for minimal waste and excellent purity.

4.     Perforated Screens: Available in a standard size of 800 mm (L) x 1250 mm (B) and a range of hole sizes from 0.3 to 25.0mm. These include wire mesh screens and screen plates with minimal tolerance to reduce cleaning loss.

5.     Durable Screenshoes: Made of moisture and insect-resistant birch plywood with replaceable wear plates, these shoes have a long lifespan and contribute to a better working environment due to reduced resonance.

6.     Balanced Eccentric System: Equipped with counterweights for steady operation and heavy-duty bearings, minimizing stress on structures and maximizing the cleaning effect.

7.     Efficient Ball Box: Ensures sieve cleanliness even at very low temperatures with self-cleaning rubber balls, allowing for quick sieve changes.

8.     Innovative Air Lifting Channel: Removes light seeds in the expansion chamber and features an extra-large chamber for special processes.

9.     Screw Conveyor for Light Waste: Continuously discharges dust and light waste, with finger flaps for optimal dust separation.

10.  Air Lifting Sieve Screen: Delivers optimal separation by turning the product's largest surface against the airflow, with an adjustable air lifting hood for collecting light particles.

11.  Uniform Air Lifting Unit: Provides uniform air pressure from beneath the product, ensuring complete elimination of light seeds and particles, and features specially designed impellers for low noise levels.

The Akyurek Excell 200 Series Cleaners are not just effective in cleaning seeds but also in enhancing the overall efficiency and quality of the seed processing workflow. With their innovative design and advanced features, these cleaners are an essential tool for achieving high purity and efficiency in seed cleaning operations.

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