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Inclined Conveyor Belt

Inclined Conveyor Belt

Product Code: Y.BELT-0014

This system utilizes a continuous belt, rotating around two drums, to transport items from a lower to a higher point. The belt's surface is designed with a textured, knobby pattern to prevent slippage and ensure secure transport of bags or bulk items. The height of the conveyor can be manually adjusted to suit various requirements. Additionally, a unique conical roll system is employed to create hollows, ensuring efficient and accurate elevation of bags or bulk products.

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The Adjustable Incline Conveyor is versatile in its application, being ideal for loading bagged or bulk goods onto trucks or facilitating their unloading. Its lightweight and compact design allow for easy transportation and setup in different locations.

The height adjustment feature of the machine can be configured either automatically or manually, providing flexibility to adapt to different operational needs. Standard dimensions and specifications are provided in a detailed list, offering clarity on the system's capabilities and suitability for specific tasks

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