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Tea Sorter Machine

Tea Sorter Machine

Product Code: SORTURK TEA

Tea Sorter Machine is specifically designed for color-based sorting of tea, offering a structure that is different from traditional color sorters.

This innovative machine enhances the quality of tea by ensuring optimum sorting processes.

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Operating Principle:

This specialized tea color sorting machine features two independent sorting sections, top and bottom, each equipped with 256 blowing nozzles and high-resolution 5340 pixel CCD color cameras. Images are transferred to the processing card through these cameras, where good and bad products are identified, and the bad products are separated out using ejectors. Each independent section of the machine operates on this principle, and the image processing capability of each section can be individually adjusted via a touchscreen interface.


Sorting Process:

Natural tea products are transported to the top shaker section of the machine by an elevator and then poured into the product channel of the '1st sort', the top sorting section. The camera settings in this section are optimized to separate coarse waste and tea stalks from the tea. The cleaned tea then proceeds to the '2nd sort', the bottom sorting section, where due to the very low contamination rate of the tea, a separation into 1st and 2nd quality is performed, and the final product is collected through two separate exit chutes.


Tea Sorter Machine is designed to increase quality and efficiency in the tea production and processing sector.

This advanced machine offers high-quality final products by preserving the natural characteristics of the tea.

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