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Drum Seed Treater

Drum Seed Treater

Product Code: DST

Revolutionize Seed Treatment with Akyurek's Drum Seed Treater


Akyurek Group Technology's Drum Seed Treater (DST Basic series) is a game-changer in seed treatment, designed for the continuous and precise application of various treatments to seeds. This innovative machine is perfect for ensuring high-quality seed coatings that enhance viability and efficiency in planting.

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Key Features and Benefits:

·       Precise Seed Treatment: Utilizes a volumetric feeder and calibrated pumps for accurate application of liquid products.

·       Homogeneous Coating: Ensures an even distribution of treatment, resulting in a uniform blend of seed and liquid.

·       Flexible and Efficient: The mixing drum with adjustable speed and incline angle offers maximum flexibility, perfect for different types of seeds and treatment materials.

·       Designed for High Capacity: Capable of handling various seed types including peanuts and soybeans, with a significant hourly treatment capacity.

Akyurek's Drum Seed Treater stands out for its ability to provide a consistently high-quality coating, making it an essential tool for efficient seed treatment and subsequent high germination rates.

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