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Sesame Peeler Machine

Sesame Peeler Machine

Product Code: SP-4000

The Akyurek Sesame Peeler SP-4000 stands out as a highly precise and efficient machine designed for the friction-based dehulling of all varieties and types of sesame seeds.

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Features of the Sesame Peeler:

  • Ensures a fully enclosed hygienic operation, keeping the process clean and contained.
  • Offers significant savings on utility bills compared to conventional peeling methods.
  • Operates without the use of chemicals or salt during the sesame peeling process.
  • Produces high-quality peeled sesame seeds without altering their natural properties.
  • Incorporates innovative technology to enhance the peeling systems for better results.

Peeling System Overview:

  • The system comprises three cylinders, each playing a crucial role in the peeling process.
  • The first cylinder efficiently mixes the seeds with water, ensuring a continuous and uniform preparation for peeling.
  • The second cylinder initiates the friction-based peeling, generating the necessary abrasion to remove the hulls.
  • The third cylinder continues the abrasion process using the same technique, ensuring an optimal and high-quality peeling outcome through repetition.
  • The regulation of input parameters and control over the entire process is facilitated by an onboard PLC Panel, allowing for precise adjustments and monitoring.

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