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Continuous Seed Treating Ma

Continuous Seed Treating Machine

Product Code: LIQUID-022

This machine is meticulously designed for the precise application of chemical treatments on seeds to protect against pests, fungal infections, or to preserve the integrity of the building materials.


Function of the Seed Coating Machine: It serves to meticulously coat seeds with chemical treatments to safeguard against pests and fungal infections, or to maintain the quality of the construction materials.

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Operating Principle of the Seed Coating Machine: Seeds taken from the silo into the machine are evenly distributed along the machine's drum walls by a product distribution disk. As the seeds descend, they are coated by the treatment distributed from the dispensing disk. The product then moves to the third stage where it is thoroughly coated with the treatment in a mixing auger.


The control of our seed coating machine can be performed both mechanically and automatically, ensuring precision and efficiency in the seed coating process.

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