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Hammer Mills

Product Code: HM-1000

Akyürek Hammer Mills: Precision Milling for Optimal Particle Size Reduction

Akyürek, a leading name in food processing and animal feed processing equipment, introduces the HM-1000 Hammer Mill, a pinnacle in fine and coarse grinding technology. This mill is an essential tool in pet feed, aqua feed production, formulated feed manufacturing, flour milling, and the biomass industry.

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Unmatched Efficiency in Size Reduction

The HM-1000 Hammer Mill is engineered for maximum material contact, ensuring efficient size reduction. Its optimal hammer design and placement, along with the ideal hammer bar velocity, contribute to superior milling performance. The mill’s sophisticated screen design ensures optimal discharge of crushed particles, significantly reducing energy consumption.

Power and Performance:

·       Powerful Motor: Equipped with a robust motor of up to 250 kW, the HM-1000 delivers top performance in every grind.

·       Efficient Size Reduction: Achieved through an optimized design, focusing on material contact and hammer dynamics.

·       Energy-Efficient Operation: Advanced screen design minimizes energy usage while maximizing output.

Ease of Use and Flexibility:

·       Fast Screen and Hammer Changes: Save time with Akyurek's easy-access door design, allowing quick screen and hammer replacements without the need for tools.

·       Versatile Particle Size Production: The HM-1000 is capable of producing a wide range of particle sizes. For fine grinding, it uses fine screens for particle sizes from 0.3 to 1.5 mm, suitable for materials with bulk density of 0.2 to 0.8 kg/dm3 and moisture content up to 15%. For coarse grinding, it utilizes round-hole screens for particle sizes from 1.5 to 8.0 mm, under the same material conditions.


The Akyürek HM-1000 Hammer Mill stands as a testament to advanced milling technology, offering efficient and precise size reduction for a diverse range of industries. With its powerful motor, energy-efficient design, and easy maintenance, the HM-1000 is an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize their milling processes.

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