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Modular Pipework Systems

Modular Pipework Systems

Product Code: Modüler Boru Sistemleri

Akyurek Group Technology, a one-stop solution provider, specializes in engineering Universal Modular Piping Systems ideal for Grain and Seed Management. These versatile systems boast an extensive range of components and accessories.

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Component Connectors

  • Quick-attach pull-rings for hassle-free connections
  • U-shaped gaskets for leak-proof sealing
  • Pull-rings integrated with sealants for enhanced security
  • Grounding bridges for safety and static control


Piping Options

  • Standard pipes for straightforward applications
  • Pipes with welding ends for durable connections
  • Insertable pipes for easy installation
  • Ring-sealed pipes for secure fits


Elbows and Curves

  • Segmented turns for flexible routing
  • Elbows for directional changes
  • Abrasion-resistant bends for longevity


Branching Units

  • T-junctions for splitting flow
  • Y-splits for diverging paths
  • Conical branches for smooth transitions
  • Symmetric dividers for equal splitting
  • Conical symmetric branches for efficient flow distribution


Adapters and Transitions

  • Tapered connectors for seamless integration
  • Flange adapters for robust mounting
  • Discharge spouts for directed flow
  • Airflow caps for pneumatic systems
  • Weatherproof caps for outdoor protection


Maintenance and Inspection

  • Access pipes for easy inspection
  • Service pipes for cleaning operations
  • Inspection tees for system checks
  • Protective rubber caps for safety
  • Secure cover locks for maintenance access

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