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Spiral Separator

Spiral Separator

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This Spiral Seed Separator is engineered to perform separation/classification based on the rolling capability of seeds, utilizing their shape as a key sorting criterion. Constructed from helical metal strips mounted on a central chassis, the design resembles an upright, open spiral conveyor.

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Seed input occurs at the topmost point of the equipment. Seeds with a round shape descend faster compared to those that are not round or flat, gaining speed during descent. Round seeds are separated from the spiral blades by centrifugal force, entering an outer spiral blade that transports them to a secondary trough.

Seeds not suited for rapid descent due to their shape move slower, descending along the inner spiral blade located at the center and are collected from the first trough.

The capacity needs are met by increasing the number of spiral blades in the chiffons, ensuring efficient seed sorting based on shape.

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