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Square Silo Construction

Square Silo Construction

Product Code: SQUARE

Our silo storage systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with your plant's existing infrastructure, offering versatile configurations based on steel constructions.

These constructions can be expanded to include machine towers with decks and access points, facilitating close proximity of process equipment to storage facilities for gentle product handling. Additionally, integrating silo cells into the building's architecture maximizes space utilization and efficiency.



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    Bottom Hoppers: Tailored for Optimal Flow Our bottom hoppers, forming the base of silo cells, are customizable to suit various requirements, including square or round outlets and symmetrical or asymmetrical designs. Product characteristics dictate hopper design, ensuring optimal outlet size, flow angle, and unloading capacity.


    Silo Walls: Engineered for Stability and Accessibility We offer silo walls in single wall trapezoid or plain configurations, chosen based on the stored product, silo height, and the necessity for complete emptying. Panels are securely bolted, forming smooth vertical octagonal columns, with options for both smooth and profiled walls.


    Decks and Roofs: Safety and Accessibility Our decks feature tear plates, with options for plain or raised manholes and removable safety grids. They provide sturdy support for filling equipment and include connections for filling, level control, aspiration, and temperature monitoring.


    Roof Structures: Customizable for Protection Our roof structures are customizable, featuring one or two side slopes and specified heights, ready for cladding to protect against environmental elements.


    Claddings: Aesthetic and Functional We offer a range of cladding options for both roofs (including ridges, gutters, downpipes, and snow retention) and walls (with options for windows and doors). Available in standard types and profiles from reputable suppliers, our claddings come in both non-insulated and insulated panels, enhancing the silo's aesthetic and functional properties.


    Our advanced silo storage solutions are designed with an emphasis on optimizing space and efficiency, ensuring your storage facilities are equipped to handle products with the utmost care while integrating seamlessly with your existing plant design.

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