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Impact De-huller - 4 Mill w

Impact De-huller - 4 Mill with Shell Separator

Product Code: DE-HULL 4X038

Enhance Seed Processing with Akyurek's Impact De-Huller - 4 Mill With Shell Separator

Akyurek Group Technology's Impact De-Huller revolutionizes seed processing with its state-of-the-art design and efficiency. This machine specializes in dehulling seeds through a unique impact method, ensuring maximum yield with minimal damage.

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Advanced Dehulling Mechanism:

·       Efficient Seed Processing: Utilizes a horizontally rotating impeller with four blades to accelerate seeds and crack hulls upon impact.

·       Optimized Separation: Following dehulling, an aspirator and vibrating screens effectively separate hulls from kernels, ensuring a clean output.

Durable and User-Friendly Design:

·       Long-lasting Construction: Built with wear-resistant steel and top-quality parts for extended service life.

·       Easy Maintenance: Designed for straightforward maintenance, even with basic skills, complemented by comprehensive user manuals.

Akyurek's Impact De-Huller is ideal for businesses seeking efficient, reliable, and easy-to-maintain seed processing equipment.

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Impact De-huller - 4 Mill with Shell Separator You can contact Akyürek Gorup After Sales Team for your installation, assembly, spare parts under warranty and all your needs after warranty.
Impact De-huller - 4 Mill with Shell Separator You can ask all the questions you are curious about all our products by contacting our sales team.