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Stone Separator - Vibro Typ

Stone Separator - Vibro Type

Product Code: T.MAC-009 VBR

Revolutionize Seed Purification with the Vibro Type Stone Separator

Discover the pinnacle of seed cleaning technology with our Vibro Type Stone Separator, designed for the efficient removal of stones, metal, glass, and other high-density impurities from various seed lots.

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Efficient Functionality for Pristine Seeds: Our De-Stoner Machine is engineered to masterfully separate heavier admixtures from pre and fine screen-cleaned seeds. Even seeds that are well-graded in size may contain impurities of the same size. Our machine ensures that any admixture heavier than the seed lot is effectively separated, enhancing the purity of your seed products.

Innovative Working Principle: The De-Stoner Machine employs a uniform separation process. Seeds are fed into the Pre-Storage hopper via a conveyor, then linearly transferred onto the Stone Separator. This step is critical for consistent separation. The machine creates a fluidized air bed on the Stone Separator deck through an aspiration fan, facilitating stratification. The vibration system efficiently transports stones and heavy admixtures in one direction towards the reject chute, while the purified seed lot is collected in the opposite direction from the accept chute.

Key Advantages of Our Stone Separator - Vibro Type:

Designed for precise removal of stones, metal, glass, and more from seed lots.

Utilizes a fluidized air bed for efficient stratification of seeds.

Vibration system ensures directional movement of impurities for effective separation.

Ideal for a range of seeds, including those pre-cleaned and fine-screened.

Our Vibro Type Stone Separator is not just a machine, it's a promise of quality, efficiency, and purity in seed processing. Embrace the future of seed purification with our cutting-edge technology.

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