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Batch Type Seed Coating Mac

Batch Type Seed Coating Machine

Product Code: ASBC50

This Batch Seed Coating Machine is specifically designed for integration into a seed processing line, offering fully automated operations. Operators can adjust all necessary parameters via the display, such as weight, spindle speed, slurry dosing timing, etc. Once the machine is activated, seeds are weighed by an internal scale using an electronic load cell. The automatic filling of pre-weighed seeds into the mixing chamber is streamlined. Dosage settings for various slurries are adjusted based on the operator's input. A PLC controls the critical process of seed coating, ensuring consistent quality across each batch.

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The machine is ready to operate, requiring only connections to the main power supply and compressed air source. The ASBC50 also features a port for connecting to the existing ventilation system, which must be provided locally or through an individual aspirator. Dosage adjustment lines for slurries should be connected to the chemical tank using flexible hoses.

Standard components for liquid coating include:

  • An electronic load cell with a self-supporting all-steel construction, employing the BATCH principle with dosing systems described below, achieving a maximum mixture accuracy in the chamber of +0.25%

  • An electrical control panel housed in the main body, fully prepared and completed with data entry for setting weighing and coating parameters, a PLC for controlling the coating process, fuses, circuit breakers, and motor protection switches

  • An external level indicator for connecting to the scale and providing the possibility of an external connection to a sampler before waste and silo

  • Future upgrade capabilities and remote maintenance via an analog modem

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