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Excell Universal Series Seed Pre-Cleaner

Product Code: AKYUREKEXCELL 117

The EXCELL UNIVERSAL Pre-Cleaning Machine is an extraordinarily precise screening cleaner, specifically designed for a variety of cleaning operations from pre-cleaning of all grains, peas, and canola seeds to the fine cleaning of bread-making grains, cereals, and malting barley. This machine stands out for its use of a large screening area in conjunction with an advanced ventilation system. Its versatility stems from, among other features, its adjustable screen with a slope ranging from 6 to 12 degrees, tailored to serve different cleaning objectives.

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    1. Pre-cleaning of wheat and barley: Screen slope at 12°, with an hourly capacity of 60-80 tons.
    2. Cleaning of malting barley: Screen slope at 8°, with an hourly capacity of 20 tons (depending on the quality of pure barley).
    3. Cleaning of canola seeds: Screen slope at 7°, with an hourly capacity of 20 tons (cleaning efficiency of approximately 98%).
    4. Cleaning and sorting of grain kernels: Screen slope at 6°, with an hourly capacity of 8-12 tons.

    The screening cleaning effect of the total 15 m² screening area is enhanced by Akyürek's high-efficiency Inlet and Outlet air suction system, which separates light impurities from the material both at the machine's entrance and exit. Each of the two screening troughs, housing a total of five screen rows, is shaken by a dual eccentric system creating a vibration-free motion. Two front screens separate coarse impurities in parallel operation, while three bottom sieves can be used as sorting screens or fine screens, depending on the material to be cleaned.

    Equipped with self-cleaning screens that have a ball rack containing rubber balls, these screens are manufactured in a standard size, ensuring compatibility with all sizes of EXCELL UNIVERSAL Pre-Cleaning Machine screen cleaners. They can be provided with various round or rectangular screens to match the material being cleaned. The design of the Ball Racks eliminates the need for their removal during the cleaning of the screens.

    Like all other EXCELL UNIVERSAL Pre-Cleaning Machine screen cleaners, the base and body of model 117 are made from heavy gauge pressed iron, offering a highly durable structure. The screen troughs are crafted from select marine woods, resistant to insects and moisture, ensuring longevity and reliability

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