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Indent Cylinder Separator

Indent Cylinder Separator

Product Code: IC 5000

Maximize Grain Separation Efficiency with the Indent Cylinder Separator

Explore the advanced Indent Cylinder Separator, a vital tool in the agricultural and food processing industries for length-based grading of granular materials such as wheat, oats, fine seeds, and lentils. This machine is also adept at separating stalks from sunflower and beet seeds and eliminating undesired long or short impurities and admixtures in products ranging from 1.0 mm to 24 mm in size.

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Core Functionality and Innovative Features:

·       Precision Separation: The separator's rotating cylinder, equipped with impressed pockets or indents, expertly sorts grains based on size and shape. Grains that embed in the indents are later discharged, ensuring effective separation.

·       High-Quality Cylinder Shell: The cylinder shell, being the separator's most crucial component, is meticulously constructed to optimize separation quality and minimize waste.

·       Optimized Pocket Design: Akyurek Technology's unique cylinder segments, with minimized distance between pockets, provide a higher number of grading pockets per cm2, increasing sorting output and separation quality.

Advanced Design and Customization:

·       Series Production: Manufactured in series production, ensuring short delivery periods and adherence to the highest quality standards for long service life.

·       Trough Sealing and Drives: Features sealing between the trough and the cylinder shell for precise grain separation and utilizes smooth-running, low-maintenance geared motors for reliability.

·       User-Friendly Design: The round, fully-closed housing allows easy access to cylinder segments, with safety features like automatic shutdown when the protective hood is opened.

Additional Features and Options:

·       ATEX Certified Motors: For environments with explosive potential, ATEX-certified motors are available.

·       Cylinder Inclination Adjustability: Offers adjustable inclination packages for optimized separation results.

·       Wear-Resistant Lining: Option to line the machine with exchangeable, wear-resistant covering for processing abrasive products.

·       Adjustable Speed and Splitting Feature: Geared motors with speed control options and a grain flow splitting feature to achieve maximum output efficiency.

·       Automatic Trough Adjustment: Available with motorized trough regulation systems for enhanced control and precision.

The Indent Cylinder Separator is more than just a machine; it's an integral component for achieving high efficiency and precision in grain separation processes. With its advanced technology, customizable features, and robust construction, this separator stands out as a valuable asset for a wide range of applications in the agricultural and food processing sectors.

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