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Vertical Huller

Vertical Huller

Product Code: SPLT 340 - Vertical

Enhance Grain Processing with the High-Efficiency Vertical Huller


Discover the advanced Vertical Huller, designed to revolutionize grain processing with its vertical abrasive, top-to-bottom working principle. This method has been proven to yield the highest whole grain output, making it a vital tool in the grain milling industry.

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Innovative Design for Optimal Grain Yield

The Vertical Huller's unique design allows grain to enter through two inlets, guiding it into the processing chamber via a feed screw. Here, the grain undergoes gentle whitening between six abrasive rings and the screen, ensuring a careful and effective surface treatment. The dynamically balanced rotor guarantees smooth operation, enhancing the hulling process's efficiency and precision.

Adjustable Hulling Intensity for Various Grains

·       Customizable Settings: Features easily adjustable counterweight of the retaining gate and the gap between rotor and brakes for precise hulling intensity control.

·       Coarse and Fine Adjustments: Vertical brakes attached to the sieve basket can be simultaneously moved by turning a handwheel, adjusting the resistance inside the chamber. Fine tuning is achieved by altering the counterweight position of the retaining gate, controlling the pressure exerted on the grains.

·       Emergency Shutdown Feature: The gravity flow of the product ensures trouble-free restart in case of emergency shutdowns.

Applications: Versatile Grain Handling

The Vertical Huller is versatile enough to handle various products like Wheat, Barley, Peas, Lentils, Millet, Rice, Chickpeas, and Mung Beans. It is designed to fulfill the highest standards in gentle hulling, making it the perfect tool to achieve the best surface treatment with the highest whole grain yield. The machine is user-friendly, requiring minimal effort for operation and maintenance.

Optimized Aspiration System for Enhanced Processing

·       Efficient Cooling and Conveying: The optimised aspiration system serves a dual purpose – it cools the grain, reducing breakage, and aids in conveying husk out of the hulling chamber.

·       Improved Air Flow: Aspiration air is partly guided through the product and around the screens, ensuring effective husk removal.

·       Easy Access and Sanitation: The aspiration hood is easy to open or remove, providing full access to the machine's core. The design ensures best sanitation with no moving parts involved in the hull removal system.

·       Monitoring Capabilities: Equipped with an ammeter and vacuum gauge, it allows monitoring of the motor current and the negative pressure in the exhaust system.

With the Vertical Huller, achieve new heights in grain processing efficiency, ensuring the highest quality in grain surface treatment and yield.

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