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Screw Conveyors

Product Code: SE-016

Designed to cater to a broad spectrum of bulk material handling needs, the SE-016 Screw Conveyor System is ideal for transporting a variety of bulk products with different densities and particle sizes, including but not limited to cereals, pellets, fertilizers, and minerals. Its construction is aimed at being highly adaptable and efficient, ensuring that it meets diverse operational requirements with ease.

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Key Features:

  • High Efficiency and Reliability: Equipped with sleeve joints featuring 400 mm diameter collars to provide structural rigidity and effective sealing. The system promises silent and vibration-free operation, leading to reduced maintenance needs.
  • Functional Modularity: Features a standard adjustable extension element for versatile configuration, connected with a sleeve for easy modification and extension.
  • Robust and Secure: Constructed solidly to ensure safety and durability. Screw shafts are precisely manufactured and aligned in-house, with comprehensive bearing support for enhanced stability. All units come with caged inlets and protective measures in alignment with Machinery Directive standards for maximum safety.
  • Superior Paint Quality: Each component undergoes meticulous preparation, including sand blasting, degreasing, phosphate anti-corrosion treatment, primer application, and a final paint finish cured at 180°C. This continuous process grants exceptional corrosion resistance, surpassing 400 hours in salt spray tests, compared to 250 hours for standard pre-galvanized treatments. Akyurek's commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in its emission control throughout this process.
  • ATEX Compliance: Certified for use in explosive atmospheres, conforming to European standards for enhanced safety and reliability.


Additional Accessories:

  • Safety mesh-equipped hopper
  • Various connection options including square and round
  • Comprehensive safety features including anti-choke control devices with microswitch and temperature sensors


Customization Options:

  • Reinforced seal bearings for diameters above 160 mm
  • Tubes with increased thickness for added durability
  • Various flight coatings including reduced pitch, heavy-duty, and reinforced shaft options
  • Non-toxic paint options for flights, with galvanized tube and/or flight options available
  • Customized motor selections tailored to specific operational environments


This Screw Conveyor System SE-016 offers unparalleled versatility and efficiency, making it an essential component for any bulk material handling application.

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